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Product Description Item Number
B10THx10/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-010
B10THx10/1P-SC-S 4x1"(45) 13830-010
B10THx14/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-014
B10THx20/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-020
B10THx20/1P-SC-S 4x1"(45) 13830-020
B10THx26/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-026
B10THx30/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-030
B10THx30/1P-SC-S 4x1"(45) 13830-030
B10THx40/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-040
B10THx40/1P-SC-S 4x1"(45) 13830-040
B10THx50/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-050
B10THx50/1P-SC-S 4x1"(45) 13830-050
B10THx56/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-056
B10THx60/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-060
B10THx60/1P-SC-S 4x1"(45) 13830-060
B10THx70/1P-SC-M 4x1"&22U(20) 15371-070
B10THx70/1P-SC-S 4x1"(45) 13830-070
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