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Product Description Item Number
E5ASx18/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20) 18411-018*3
E5ASx20/ 4x3/4"(20) 18411-020*2
E5ASx28/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20) 18411-028*3
E5ASx30/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20) 18411-030*2
E5ASx34/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20) 18411-034*1
E5ASx36/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20) 18411-036*2
E5ASx38/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20) 18411-038*3
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